With the current climate of the world (pun intended), sustainability is a major discussion that is on everyone’s mind. There are many interpretations but, in food production, it generally means acting in a way that maintains a balanced environment and healthy ecosystem.

Here are some reasons to consume sustainably procured organic honey:

Bees are essential to all life on the planet:

Bees are vital to the global eco-system. Honeybees pollinate one third of the global food supply, and without them many plants (including food crops) would die. If there are no bees, there’d be no flowers; with no flowers, there’d be no herbivores; with no herbivores, there’d be no omnivores. In short, if we don’t ensure the sustainable health of bees, we could put our own human survival at risk. Healthy bees and raw honey start with the land and its surroundings. We ensure our bees are looked after and the hives are protected throughout the year.

Pesticides on flowers become pesticides in your organic honey:

Pesticides commonly used on large, essential crops have been found to directly cause harm to honeybees. This can range from affecting flight patterns to demolishing entire colonies. Along with the damage to the honeybee, pesticide traces turn up in the pollen and nectar that the bees gather, and that would end up in your bottle of organic honey.

And don’t get us started on antibiotics:

We often hear about antibiotics used in the dairy and meat industries, but it is rarely discussed with bees. The same impacts apply: the use of antibiotics could destroy the entire ecosystem of the hive. Ukraine’s beekeeping practices are heavily regulated to ensure no discrepancies in sustainable organic honey farming, so antibiotics are never used during the production or collection of Ascania Raw Honey. Which means there is no risk of ingesting unnecessary antibiotics when you choose our Ascania Raw Honey.

‘Big honey’ has a big carbon footprint.

With the looming threats of global warming, we understand that our processes create a carbon footprint and it is a responsibility for all citizens and especially businesses to continually ask themselves what they can do to reduce their impact. We take extra care to offer the best natural products, and when it comes to the way they’re packaged, we make the same conscious considerations.

So next time you’re at the grocery store, keep an eye out for our Ascania Raw Honey that is known for their sustainable practices. By shopping sustainably made, you’re voting with your money for a system that ensures bee health, minimal pollution, high-grade soil quality, smarter consumption of fossil fuels and water resources, minimal usage of pesticides, and little to no unnecessary packaging.

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